Workflow Design & Implementation

Workflows may be a simple sequence of work activities, or a complicated collection of processes that take place in sequence or parallel. If designed properly, Workflows provide visibility into all stages of the business process, better accountability among work team members, and improved efficiency overall.

Workflow definitions encapsulate complex business processes, policies and procedures. Strong, effective workflow design requires the right understanding of business process design as well as software technology assets used to deliver the optimal outcomes. One without the other will result in minimal to no return-on-investments in the workflow initiatives.

Also,with the expansion of Digital capabilities, the boundaries of workflows now extend beyond organisational boundaries and a number of considerations like performance, security, access-control are more important than ever before.

We have helped orgnisations start off their workflow journeys as well as optimize their existing investments in workflow technology assets using our experience, techniques and tools for a faster implementation. Key areas where we have helped orginisations with their workflow investments:

  • Create Workflow Center of Excellence
  • Define workflow strategy and architecture
  • Evaluate workflow platforms
  • Implement end to end workflows
  • Integrate workflows with Front-end systems
  • Integrate workflows with Backend systems
  • Provide Analytics and Insights
  • Measure and Monitor against the defined targets

We are experts in various industry leading BPM and Workflow technology platforms (Oracle, IBM, Pega, JBPM, Camunda and more.) and have helped our customer design, deliver, configure and optimize complex enterprise workflows. Our approach to workflow design and development delivers:

  • Innovative and Rapid Solutions
  • Low Code Implementation
  • Standardized Workflow Templates
  • Minimal or Zero custom coding
  • Configuration Driven Processes
  • Maximized returns on investment

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