Operating Model Definition

Building an Operating Model that works for your business

Our approach starts with in-depth listening, questioning and understanding the specifics of your business, it’s strengths, challenges, aspirations and strategy.

We then work with all levels of your organisations leadership, from strategic to operational, to define the foundational operating principles that will guide and inform every decision made, every day.

Your operating model forms and matures as you define seven critical layers of your business, progressively applying these principles in more detail to each level of your organisation.

From organisation-wide level, through all divisions and departments, to operational teams and initiatives, a detailed, tangible and integrated operating model will enable your people to make confident decisions, execute with confidence, and will ensure your business vision is realised


  • Provides entire business with a clear & tangible reference for strategic & operational decision making
  • All staff gain a heightened awareness of organisational intent & direction
  • Translates visions and strategies into relatable & actionable concepts