Business Process Management

Our Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Process Reengineering (BPR) approach offers a connected view of the enterprise to drive the relationships between your strategy, processes and systems. This method allows your strategy to be executed and your processes effectively managed, automated and integrated into the systems/platforms that interface with your customers.

Our approach enables your organisation to better architect & automate your business processes, integrate your applications and data, and enable disruptive technologies (mobility, enterprise data and analytics, cloud, social collaboration) to help you gain that crucial competitive advantage in the market as well as orchestrate your systems to scale for future growth.

We define business process management as the achievement of an organisation’s objectives through the improvement, management and control of those key value generating end to end value streams or processes. Our Business Process Management approach attempts to improve these processes continuously by setting the right foundation and process architecture.

Our approach is to effectively implement the core elements of process excellence along with the right mix of enabling elements will move an organisation up the process maturity axis, improving their ability to leverage processes to drive and deliver real value.

We work with management teams, business and process stakeholders to define the process maturity model and architecture covering process mapping, process design, process measurement and reporting, process improvement and process governance.

Key elements of our approach for a business and cultural transformation are designing and mapping of

  • Business Strategy
  • Business Objectives
  • Customer Value Proposition
  • Business Process and KPIs
  • Risk Management
  • Governance Management

Our BPM solutions deliver business innovation and optimization through modelling, simulation, developing, deploying and monitoring of organisational processes and workflows and integrating them with necessary systems for delivering process automation. .

Often, customers do not realise the real potential of their BPM platforms due to sub-optimal implementations. Excessive custom-coding, lack of best practices and traditional waterfall delivery methodology often lead to difficulties in BPM implementation. Our Process Modelling & Analysis and Workflow Design & Implementation services help organisations realise end-to-end benefits of their BPM initiatives.