Strategy Integration

Are you delivering on your strategy consistently? Are your customers receiving real value? Can your team truly identify with your strategy and vision?

Success comes from every person in your organisation understanding how their contribution makes a difference and having the confidence to deliver real value. Talk to us about how you can convert your intent into reality, and help your team interpret and convert your strategy into the work they do, every day.

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Operating Model Definition

Defining your business vision and strategy is critical, however, they will remain as concepts written on a page without a clear, concise and integrated model guiding how your business will operate now and into the future. The right operating model will enable your people to make the right decisions every day, execute with confidence, and ensure your vision is realised.

Our Seven Core Operating Principles approach will translate your strategy and vision into a tangible and specific operating model that will help you understand what your business is now, what you want it to be, and help you define exactly how you will deliver success.

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Improved Operational Effectiveness

Increasing the effectiveness of your business operations starts with understanding the critical relationships between Value Delivery, Capability and Governance.Talk to us about optimising how your business creates and delivers value through:

  • Effective and efficient process design, modelling and execution
  • Performance insights and analysis, and
  • Targeted and sustainable continuous improvement plans.

We will help you understand the critical human and technical capabilities required for success, and assist you to:

  • Plan effective development pathways,
  • Manage the dependencies between your processes and the enabling systems, and
  • Overcome management silos and focus your business teams on cross-functional value delivery.

We can help to create effective governance structures that ensure you:

  • Understand how decisions are made,
  • Proactively control risks, and
  • Plan and deliver effective change programs.

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Workflow Design & Implementation

Optimise your operation with seamless processes that connect your customers to your business, streamline their experience, and increase processing efficiency.

Whether you are about to start your workflow journey or facing challenges with your existing workflow technology investments, leverage our experience in designing and implementing enterprise workflow capability to solve business problems.

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Business Process Management Frameworks

BPM is not just about process modelling !  It is your ability to understand what decisions are made in your business every day, how your processes inter-connect, how you use the information you have, and how you adapt quickly to an ever-changing world.

From insights and advice to the creation of a business-wide BPM framework, we can help you build a process-centric BPM capability to suit your organisation.

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Process Modelling & Analysis

From single processes to entire value chains, our process modeling and analysis capability can help you reduce waste, realise benefits and transform your operation with efficient, effective and flexible processes.

We help organisations meet their business objectives, by being flexible in relation to the changing environmental conditions and delivering value with models covering strategic, tactical and implementation processes, with the right level of granularity.

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SENCILO – Value Delivery Platforms

Spend less time managing technology, and more time delivering business value.

SENCILO is an adaptive, outcome-led, value delivery platform.  SENCILO enables the deployment of flexible business processes that allow real time adaptations of the process flow based on each individual scenario encountered and the established business policy boundaries.  This platform is a shift away from traditional process design and workflow solutions, not only because it allows the user to configure multiple delivery path options for every process, but also allows for the sequence and ordering of tasks to be adapted to the scenario at hand, in real time.  SENCILO is a 100% cloud-based platform, and combines business-friendly, low-code configuration, detachable and modular componentry, and multiple, flexible subscription pricing options.

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