About Us

We help businesses integrate their strategies and visions with their operations. Make better decisions, connect your people with your vision and strategy, and integrate your business from end to end.

Regardless of whether your business is on the verge of a major transformation, or you are simply looking to maintain momentum, we can help you identify the right operating model that will help your team make better, confident decisions, and ensure your strategy and vision stay on track. Integrated BP Solutions works with a strong network of affiliated partner organisations to deliver a broad range of strategic consulting, process design and BPM, software solutions, workflow and business integration services.

Whether via facilitated workshops, subscription services, short term intensive engagements, or longer term partnerships, Integrated Business and Process Solutions can develop an engagement model that works perfectly for your organisation.

Principal Strategic Consultant

Principal Strategic Consultant

Ian has over 15 years experience in ASX top 20 listed corporate entities and public sector projects, in roles covering process design and management, business analysis, risk and quality assurance, project management, leadership and Executive Management.

With extensive experience working in large business capability and platform transformation and change programs, Ian has developed a unique ability to translate and connect business strategy and technical capability to ensure the right solutions are developed to deliver optimal and sustainable value.

Ian specialises in assisting organisations of all sizes to develop tangible operating models, and to understand how their strategies and visions can be operationalised effectively... removing the 'grey space' between intent and execution. Further value is then unlocked through assessments of 'Organisational Identity', 'Operational Effectiveness', and development of process management, workflow and outcome focussed, value delivery solutions tailored to your organisation.

A collaborative, empowering and pragmatic professional, Ian has a long history as a trusted advisor, strategic partner, and developer of people and capability.